Monday, April 06, 2009


A reflecting rock (Meant both figuratively and literally)

Took it on a trail today in Anza Borrego Desert. Went there to see the wildflowers. Managed to click some snaps even though they are past their peak now -

Also spotted a red diamond Rattle snake on the return journey

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A month ago - I was in Paris, wandering through the mazes of Louvre on Wednesday.

3 Wednesdays ago - In Goa. Buying lots of stuff for 'paach-paratavana'* in Mapusa market.

2 Wednesdays ago - In Delhi. Eating Papad Paratha in parathewali gali.

After coming back, getting used to routine and as another anonymous Wednesday - that day where the week is half full is about to go by; all those Wednesdays appear more distant than they actually are :(. The rate at which one gets back to routine and feels nothing about it is alarmingly amazing :).

[*Since there are no non-veg food items allowed in a Konkani wedding, there is a special meal arranged after 4-5 days which is mostly non-vegetarian. As the wedding was set in a small village, almost everyone staying there was invited. So we'd to buy stuff like half a sack of mussels, 4 huge Surmais (king mackerels) that cost around 5000 in total, 30 kg Chicken, X kg of various sabzis, 20 odd coconuts amongst other things. The food, cooked at home with neighbor's help was amazing.]