Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Independence day function, Mangal Pande and some snaps

1. We celebrated Independence day at SDSU. As usual, there was a Power Point presentation about India, folk dances from each state, patriotic songs and few short speeches by Indian Professors on campus. All in all, a good event. Here is a photo taken with my room-mates, Ameya (in black) and Aditya (in white) standing next to me at the function.

2. Also watched the Mangal Pande movie in the evening. Okish, not as good as Lagaan. A funny thought crossed my mind - It would be so ironic, if after watching a movie in which the protagonist revolts once he finds out that the cartridges use cow and pig fat, few members of same nationality in the audience have had beef/pork dinner in the Steakhouse across the street. So much has changed in 150 years.

3. Returned the book Zen and art of motorcycle maintenance to library without completing it. I usually do not like to leave any book mid-way, but this time I had to return this book within a short time and for some reason could not concentrate while reading it. Found it interesting initially for a brief time, but then later on found out that same thought is stretched across numerous pages. May be, will complete it at a later date. Also got few of the classics now that I have loads of time and started with For whom the bell tolls by Hemingway. Went to a quiet beach with my favorite Frappuccino and read it for few hours. I am supposed to work on my thesis, but these are last days of California summer :)

4. August 16, 2002 : I reached US for the first time on this date. So over 3 years now. I had a habit of kind of pseudo-retrospecting on such occasions and then kicking myself for not achieving anything worthwhile. I recollect that feeling when I turned 14. I was bit sad that 20% of my life is over and I have not done anything worthy. When I turn 25, may be I will think that best part of my youth is over and now my middle-age has started. But, now I feel I am not so significant to think along these lines. While thinking in this way might inspire someone into action, I know I won't change a bit. So why worry?

5. Got some further supporting data regarding my post Outsider and Insider on this blog ( San Diego Union Tribune published results of survey conducted about Immigration from Mexico. While the first generation immigrants oppose stricter measures, considerable majority of second generation immigrants feel that there should be more stringent conditions placed.

6. Some photos from trek :
First two snaps are from 10-mile trek at Mount Laguna, with what Thomas Hardy might put as 'Gray of the purest melancholy' all around us. The next three were taken at Torre Pines State reserve with my friends Aditi and Anuj. The last one shows the toll taken by time on my hairline :)

Monday, August 01, 2005

A week-end well spent

This week-end was great. Friday started with a confirmation of full-time job and ended with a great dinner in Downtown San Diego. Sadaf, the Persian restaurant served great kababs and excellent white wine and with the company of close friends; it was just parfait.

On Saturday, went to watch Acura Classic Tennis tournament at Carlsbad with my roomies. Having an Acura helped - free Parking.

The first match that we watched involved Shikha Uberoi - an Indian American who decided to play for India. It was a keenly fought match which she won in three sets. The sizeable Indian section of the crowd - mostly of Electronics/Computer Engineers, vociferously supported her. Sania Mirza needed not much support as she easily defeated her opponent losing only two games. Her ground strokes were accurate and powerful.

The day was great, so we went to beach in the evening and then for another good dinner at California Pizza Kitchen - one of the best place for Pizzas. Came home and finished reading Angels and Demons till 6:30 a.m. The book is ok, may be because one tends to compare it with Da Vinci code. Slept for three hours of Sunday morning, and then went to Torre Pines for hiking. There were three-four trails along the beach which were great. Hiked for around five hours and then went to our friend's home who has bought a 65" flat TV to watch Bunty aur Bubbly. Okish movie. Not so great.

I had simulation for my thesis work running on my laptop throughout the weekend - so there was no guilty feeling while enjoying. Got the expected results,too.

Why did I write this? I actually don't like blogging routine events. I don't consider my life so significant or interesting to write about it in detail. For the same reason, I gave up writing daily diary which I started when I was 11-12. But this week-end was different. I recollect my boring weekends of first two years in US, when we did not have car or internet connection/TV at home or enough money/information to go visit places. The next year was worse, when at least one week-end per month was spent at job to meet deadlines and rest of them doing chores and feeling monday blues. This break from work is refreshing to say the least. Somerset Maugham once defined Ideal life as - Good friends, Good food and a sleepy conscience. Well,it was not exactly that way but ideal for me nonetheless.