Sunday, July 03, 2005

आषाढस्य प्रथमदिवसे

Thursday July 7 will be celebrated as Mahakavi Kalidas Din. It is because as per Indian calendar, it is the first day of Aashadh month. His epic Meghadoot starts with following lines :

आषाढस्य प्रथमदिवसे मेघमाश्लिष्टसानु वप्रक्रीडापरिणीत गज प्रेक्षणीय ददर्ष
I am not sure of verbatim meaning, but it describes a black-coloured cloud, which Kalidasa thinks looks like a spectacular elephant ready for playing.

Sigh! I miss the Mumbai monsoon

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Akira said...


Guess you should be glad that you missed the downpour this year!