Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A month ago - I was in Paris, wandering through the mazes of Louvre on Wednesday.

3 Wednesdays ago - In Goa. Buying lots of stuff for 'paach-paratavana'* in Mapusa market.

2 Wednesdays ago - In Delhi. Eating Papad Paratha in parathewali gali.

After coming back, getting used to routine and as another anonymous Wednesday - that day where the week is half full is about to go by; all those Wednesdays appear more distant than they actually are :(. The rate at which one gets back to routine and feels nothing about it is alarmingly amazing :).

[*Since there are no non-veg food items allowed in a Konkani wedding, there is a special meal arranged after 4-5 days which is mostly non-vegetarian. As the wedding was set in a small village, almost everyone staying there was invited. So we'd to buy stuff like half a sack of mussels, 4 huge Surmais (king mackerels) that cost around 5000 in total, 30 kg Chicken, X kg of various sabzis, 20 odd coconuts amongst other things. The food, cooked at home with neighbor's help was amazing.]


Saee said...

Really liked your blog and your writing style.
I know a poem where I heard the word "viprashna" for the first time. It was about Krushna and Radha. How Hari is infinite and Radha is finite but infinitely beautiful.
Anyway, keep writing!

Nandan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment, Saee. Yes, the blog is named after 'Tridha Radha' poem by Pu. Shi. Rege. You can find it here -

Anonymous said...

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sandhya said...

keep writing, I enjoy reading your blog & other related links as well.